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The dictionary defines pickings as remaining scraps or leftovers. At Pecos Fence, we sell 5 standard sizes of pickets in 3 different grades. We buy by the truckload, trainload, and shipload. We buy what is referred to as “random lengths”, cut it down ourselves to get the best part of the board for picket and then sort the pickets into grades.

So, we’ve done the pickin’. But, let’s face it, quality aside, we can’t always compete with the prices at the big box stores – or can we? After all, what is your time worth? If you have to try to pick through, and then you have to come back and exchange hundreds of boards, and then pick through again. Are you sure you’re saving money?

Before you decide, consider the following:

  • We recently sold 1,500 of number 1 grade cedar pickets to a customer. When he was ready for more, he only had 7 to exchange.
  • Pecos Fence started the cedar yard when we realized our erectors were taking 2 or so hours for every job to try to sort through various pickets, and that was after driving all around looking to see who had enough.
  • Because of the large variety of pickets offered, we have something for every budget, from 99ยข/picket to $2.99/picket (6′ cedar pickets) to $5.40/picket specialty cedar.

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