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How Will Your Fence Function?

To keep the dog in, a basic chain link should work. If you want to block noise or add privacy, consider something tall and solid. To beautify your home, consider ornamental wrought iron or aluminum.

Consider Your Materials

The perfect all-American, white picket fence comes with repainting in the hot Texas sun. The same applies to staining of cedar and other wood products. Ornamental fencing is long-lasting and beautiful but can be expensive. Do: consider mixing it up to save maintenance and money…a more decorative fence in front with a more economical fence in the back might be the perfect combination. Do: Ask about the advantages and disadvantages of any fence material and how to make it last as long as possible.

Do: Know your homeowner’s association rules and city codes.

Don’t: Buy the “Newest thing in fencing!!!” I can’t tell you the times we’ve been hired to replace products that have gone out of business. Stick with the tried and true.

Be a Good Neighbor

Make sure to check in with your neighbor about your plans. Besides keeping them in the loop, you may find that they’ve been wanting a new fence also. Many times, knowing that the neighbor will pay half of the costs is just the push they need to get going. Be sure to know your boundary lines and to get any agreements in writing.

Hire a Professional

Fence building is harder than it looks. Visit the Facebook page, website or office of any contractor you’re considering to see samples of fences that have been built.

Do: Consider that a reputable, solid company may be 2-3 weeks out before they can get to your fence. This is good news as it means they’ve got enough jobs to show they’re trusted and experienced. (Would you eat at an unknown restaurant if you saw the parking lot was empty at lunchtime? Not a good sign).

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