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The Shadow-Box Fence can offer several benefits for those looking to get away from the standard Privacy Fence design. Shadow-Box fences, sometimes called board-on-board fences, are picket fences with staggered rows of pickets on each side of the fence rails; the pickets on one side of the rails span the gaps between the pickets on the other side of the rails, blocking the view through the fence.

  • Shadow-Box fences let in more light and air than fences with little or no spacing between pickets. More light can offer a brighter yard as well as the security of knowing that there is no one lurking just out of sight on the other side of the fence. The cool breeze through the fence can cut the heat of a summer’s day. While the airflow is limited compared to a fence with widely spaced pickets, shadow-box fences are more able to withstand windy conditions than fences with no spacing.
  • Because the picket design is staggered, your neighbor’s side of the fence will be just as nice as yours. After all, good fences make good neighbors! 😉 A home curb’s value is immediately evident when it has the shadow-box as part of its property. Some fences are geared toward making sure that only the view from inside that property is addressed. However, since the look is the same on both sides, any passerby or potential home buyer has a more positive viewpoint toward that residence.
  • Lasting privacy is another advantage of a shadow-box fence. In a traditional privacy fence, wood shrinkage causes gaps to form between the boards that compromise the fence’s visual barrier. That shrinkage has no effect on a board-to-board fence because the overlap compensates for it.

If you’re thinking about a new privacy fence, consider the shadow-box. And give us a call at Pecos Fence. We can walk you through all of your options!

Shadow Box Fence

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