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Residential Fencing

The right fence type can add value, curb appeal and years of enjoyment. With so many choices available, Pecos Fence would love to partner with you to find the best fence for your home.

Types of Residential Fences

Using quality materials, we’re able to construct the fence of your dreams! Our team of expert technicians offers services in the following types of residential fencing:

Form Follows Function

Your choice of residential fencing will depend on the function it will serve. Whether you’re looking for privacy, curb-appeal or to add value to your home, we can customize your fence to suit your needs and your tastes. Our one year warranty, 3 acre yard/34,000 square foot warehouse and three-generation family operation all combine to guarantee you can feel secure in choosing Pecos Fence for your fencing needs.

Proudly Serving San Antonio

Remember the Alamo AND… The River Walk, The Missions National Historical Park & Mission Trail, San Fernando Cathedral, the Pearl and Farmers Market and El Mercado… These are just a few things that make us say Viva San Antonio! Pecos Fence is part of the wonderful fabric that makes San Antonio so unique. We’ve been in the city for over 20 years and in Texas for over 50. And we’ll be here tomorrow.

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