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You Have Questions — We Have Answers

Learn about ranch fences & fencing materials.

Q: Does an onsite inspection to provide a fence estimate cost me anything?
A: There is no charge to you for us to provide an on-site inspection in order to give you a firm estimate of your total fence project costs.

Q: Is there an extra charge for digging through hard rock?
A: Our onsite inspection will inspect the site and include any rock charges in the firm estimate.

Q: Do I need a survey?
A: It is up to the customer to provide the location of the property lines. It is strongly recommended that the customer obtain a survey if they are unsure of the exact property lines.

Q: What type of warranty do you provide?
A: The warranty from Pecos Fence Co is one year from completion.

Q: What about underground wires and utilities?
A: Public utility lines must be marked by the public utility company. They will not mark private lines such as sprinklers, invisible fencing, or any other non-public utility or line. Pecos Fence Co is not responsible for private lines.

Q: Do you sell materials to DIY customers?
A: Absolutely! Come visit our 34,000 sq. foot covered facility, and let us show you our large inventory of fencing material.

Q: Do you carry insurance?
A: Yes, we carry general liability insurance, and we also carry workers’ compensation insurance on all our employees.

chain link fencing

The Source for Chain Link Fences in San Antonio, TX

Q: How do you create chain link fences?
A: Our team makes use of chain link mesh, which is formed by weaving metal spirals together. This diamond pattern is available in all sorts of sizes and gauges. In most instances, our clients select a 2″ pattern with #9 gauge wire. The 2″ mesh material employs parallel wires spaced 2 inches apart from one another.

Q: What is meant by “wire gauge” terminology?
A: “Wire gauge” refers to the individual spiral wires that are used to form the fencing surface. This surface is generally composed of steel wire. The gauge, however, is the diameter of that wire.

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