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Q: Does an onsite inspection to provide a fence estimate cost me anything?
A: There is no charge to you for us to provide an onsite inspection in order to give you a firm estimate of your total fence project costs.

Q: Is there an extra charge for digging through hard rock?
A: Our onsite inspection will inspect the site and include any rock charges in the firm estimate.

Q: Do I need a survey?
A: It is up to the customer to provide the location of the property lines. It is strongly recommended that the customer obtain a survey if they are unsure of the exact property lines.

Q: What type of warranty do you provide?
A: The warranty from Pecos Fence Co is one year from completion.

Q: What about underground wires and utilities?
A: Public utility lines must be marked by the public utility company. They will not mark private lines such as sprinklers, invisible fencing, or any other non-public utility or line. Pecos Fence Co is not responsible for private lines.

Q: Do you sell materials to DIY customers?
A: Absolutely! Come visit our 34,000 sq. foot covered facility, and let us show you our large inventory of fencing material.

Q: Do you carry insurance?
A: Yes, we carry general liability insurance, and we also carry workers’ compensation insurance on all our employees.

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